Update on Flu Vaccines

Following on from the recent announcement by the Department of Health, Medicus Health Partners will be providing Flu vaccinations for those aged 50-64 years of age from December 2020. 

If you would like to book an appointment at one of our flu clinics, please contact reception or send a request via E-consult. 

The flu vaccine is safe and DOES: 

  • protect you and your child from a serious and potentially deadly disease 
  • protect other people in your community – by helping to stop flu spreading to 

people who are more vulnerable. This is one of the key reasons to have your 

child vaccinated. They are flu ‘super spreaders’ and could infect other more 

vulnerable members of your family and friendship groups 

  • get safety tested for years before being introduced – they’re also monitored 

for any side effects 

  • sometimes cause mild side effects which last a couple of days, like a sore arm 
  • significantly reduce the chance of catching a life-threatening disease – if 

enough people are vaccinated. 


The flu vaccine is safe and DOES NOT: 

  • overload or weaken the immune system 
  • cause allergies or any other conditions – all the current evidence tells us that 

vaccinating is safer than not vaccinating 

  • contain mercury (thiomersal) 
  • contain any ingredients that cause harm in such small amounts – but speak to 

your doctor if you have any known allergies such as eggs or gelatine 

  • give you flu! 

More information is also available on the NHS London flu web page: 


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