Self Referral For Ear And Hearing Related Problems

Did you know that if you are a Medicus patient who is over 18 years old, you can now have ear and hearing related problems treated without seeing a GP or getting a referral?

Are you suffering from either of the following?

  • Hearing loss problems
  • Ringing or noises in the ears (Tinnitus) for more than 3 weeks

If so we’re pleased to say you can make use of the self-referral service and here’s how:

Contact the Patient Care team on 0203 456 5063 to get advice and book an appointment. The lines are open from Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Or you can send an email – adding details of the problem you are having to and they will respond within 2 working days.

Once you have left a message or sent an email, the Patient Care team will contact you by phone and check you are eligible for the service. If you are, you will be booked into the first clinic that is convenient for you. Currently these are being held at Medicus Health Partners Lincoln Road branch, in Lincoln Road, Enfield EN1 1LJ


What to Expect:

During your visit you will:

  1. Complete questions about your problems on a smart phone or tablet.
  2. See a specialist audiologist who will conduct video - ear examinations. 
  3. Clear wax if necessary
  4. Perform a hearing test
  5. Be given a management plan 

Ear surgeons at the Royal National ENT hospital will be able to confidentially watch video of your ear examination and hearing test to review your case, and ensure that you have been offered the best management plan. 

In some instances the ear surgeon may want to see you themselves and will arrange either a telephone or face to face appointment with you. 

You will be asked to give permission for your data to be used anonymously for hospital research or asked about your satisfaction with the service. Both of these are voluntary and will not influence your care. 

Are you suffering from either of the following?

  • Patients with active ear infections (causing ear pain and/or weeping from the ear)
  • Vertigo or balance related problems (dizziness)

We’re sorry but those conditions are not eligible for self-referral at this time. Please contact your GP and make an appointment to be seen at your convenience so that we can help you receive the correct treatment.



I have recently been told by friends and family that I have the TV and radio on very loud – is this service right for me?

Absolutely. Untreated hearing loss can impact on your daily life and is a potential risk for dementia so it is important you have this symptom seen by a specialist.

I am not happy with my current hearing aids – would this service be able to help?

Unfortunately not. However, the clinic that provided you with the hearing aids will be able to directly book you in for an assessment. So please contact them as soon as possible.

I have chronic pain in my ears, it disturbs my sleep and I feel unwell – would a self referral to this service be appropriate?

Unfortunately not. This condition may be related to an infection or irritation of structures close to your ear (e.g. teeth, jaw joint, neck muscles etc). Please see your GP in the first instance.

I am very worried about my Dad’s hearing, can I send in his details and get someone to contact him or does he have to do it himself?

It is important that your Dad is engaged in his own care to make sure his treatment is effective. Whilst you cannot refer your Dad to this service, if you can convince him to make a self-referral we will ensure we work with him to help him look after his own care.

I have a very bad wax problem in my ears, can I make a appointment with this service?

This service is designed for those with hearing loss. Irritable, itchy or discharging ears are best managed by your GP.

Does my GP get details of the appointment and treatment I receive from this service?

Yes. Letters of treatment will be sent to you and your GP.

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