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We at Freezywater Primary Care Centre are able to provide most vaccinations for travelling abroad, but we recommend you see one of our nurses at least 8 weeks prior to travel. If it is less than 8 weeks before you plan to travel, we may still be able to provide you with appropriate vaccinations but we recommend you phone and speak to a nurse as soon as possible, as well as filling in a Travel Questionnaire to bring with you to your travel appointment.

All patients should complete Travel Questionnaire and return the completed form to the practice as soon as possible, always remembering that we need up to 8 weeks to complete the travel vaccination process.

One of our practice nurses will review the information you provide on the form and make a decision on what vaccinations you will require. You can also find out about recommended vaccinations for different countries by visiting www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk

For travel abroad at short notice we may not have a suitable nurse’s appointment available within the required time frame. In this case you should contact a travel vaccination clinic for your travel clinic for your travel vaccine and advice.

Advice and vaccinations are given by the Practice Nurses. Please do not ask any of the Receptionists for advice regarding travel vaccines, as they are not medically trained. If you have any queries, you must make an appointment with the Practice Nurse. You will be asked to complete a travel questionnaire prior to the appointment, so that the Practice Nurse can check what vaccines you may require. An online version is available below.

Read the latest health advice for the country you’re travelling to on the Fit for Travel website, and check the travel safety updates with the Foreign & Commonwealth OfficeYou may need travel vaccines or, if diseases such as malaria are a risk, you may need to start protecting yourself well in advance. Prepare a kit of travel health essentials, including sunscreen, painkillers, antiseptic, insect repellent and anti-diarrhoea pills. These will be useful wherever you’re going. Sexual health experts advise taking condoms with you to avoid the risk of buying fake brands, which may be unsafe, when you get there.

Travel Immunisation Questionnaire


Travel Clinic & Other Information

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Royal Free Travel and Immunisations Clinic

Private Patients Unit, Royal Free Hospital, 
Pond Street, London – NW3 2QG


020 7317 7751

Nomad Travel Clinic

3-4 Wellington Terrace,
Turnpike Lane, London – N8 0PX


01341 555061