The Patchs Telephone Assistant

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At Medicus Health Partners, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance your experience and provide seamless healthcare solutions. We’re thrilled to introduce the Patchs Telephone Assistant, designed to make your access to your GP surgery more efficient and less time-consuming. This pilot is currently available for Lincoln Road Medical Practice only.

What is the Patchs Telephone Assistant?

The Patchs Telephone Assistant is an approach for patients like you to access your GP surgery without the hassle of waiting in long phone queues. By simply leaving a voice message detailing your medical or admin request, you can bypass the wait and let us handle your query.

How does it work?

  • Call the Practice: Dial our usual telephone number.
  • Choose the Option: Listen for (and select) the Patchs Telephone Assistant.
  • Answer a few questions: tell the system a few details such as your date of birth and name so that it can identify you.
  • Leave Your Message: state your medical or admin request.
  • We Take Over: We will then review your message and get back to you.

How does this help you?

  • Quick: Your request is processed immediately so you don’t have to wait on hold any more.
  • Easy: just answer a few questions using your voice.
  • Accessibility: Ideal for those who may find online platforms challenging. This system ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to communicate with their GP practice.

We are excited about this new pilot and believe it will greatly enhance your experience with us.