About us


“To support and improve quality of life for our patients through the delivery of clinical excellence and compassionate care​ closer to home.”

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Medicus Health Partners is the largest GP Partnership in Enfield, delivering services to over 92,000 patients from its 12 locations

All locations work on the same systems and our patients can access services, attend appointments and get help wherever they see the Medicus Logo. In January 2021 all GP contracts merged and Medicus Health Partners is now fully integrated and operates as a single contract.


In April 2018 Medicus Health Partners was formed, 34 GP Partners, 12 sites and 92,000 patients are now one super practice operating exclusively in Enfield

The Partners are proud of the progress so far, but they are not finished yet, they want to make things even better for patients and staff. They will be launching new services, upgrading sites and adopting new technology so patients can choose how they request and receive healthcare in the future. The vision is to work with other services to make even more options available for our patients.

Support for COVID-19 has also been a focus and continues with a dedicated Vaccine Hub in Enfield at MHP-Carlton House location has given the local population access to vaccinations since December 2020.

Medicus Health Partners is also part of Enfield Unity Primary Care Network, working with other practices in the area to share resources to enhance services and support our patients.


In collaboration with Suvera, we at Medicus Health Partners are part of a virtual clinic initiative to assist individuals in managing long-term health conditions from their homes. Suvera provides the platform and clinical support, making healthcare more accessible and promoting self-management, while we work closely to ensure the service is tailored to our patients’ needs. To find out more about Suvera, please click here.